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Pre School Gym

Gymnastics: Adult Classes

Tiny Tots / Adult assisted

Ages 18months-3 years 
45 minutes

Does your child like to climb on the furniture? They will love this class which introduces gymnastic skills, coordination, gross motor and classroom skills.


These sessions introduce your little gymnast to the full gymnastics environment and teach them the basic skills and shapes, such as how to jump, roll, handstand safely. Parents are to remain with their child during these sessions, supporting them as they build confidence

Gym Tots

Ages 4-5 years 
45 mins

This is our first pre school gym class, with no adult assistance required*. Children will learn to roll, balance, swing, jump, land , beginner handstands and cartwheels and use all apparatus while having fun.

*An adult may be asked to assist with their child if they are unable to follow instructions coach instruction independently

 Incredible Benefits of Gymnastics for Toddlers 

·       Enhanced flexibility and posture:

Gymnastics promotes flexibility, which is another great quality that helps to reduce the chances of injury

·       Confidence and self-esteem:

Learning to work within a class and performing with others can boost their confidence and overall self-esteem. 

·       Strength coordination and balance:

When performing the body strengthening exercises involved with gymnastics, your little one will enhance their upper body, lower body, and overall core strength as a result.

·       Physical, social and emotional skills:

Your child can improve communication and engagement with children their age as well as adults.

·       Patience:

Practicing standing in line for short periods of time and containing your excitement as you wait for your turn on the trampoline are just a couple of ways gymnastics teaches patience.

·       Discipline:

Combining listening, respect for rules and patience leads to discipline.

·       Following directions:

Gymnastics teaches kids to follow multi-stepped directions.

·       Safety:

Listening to the rules of how we keep ourselves safe in the gym helps children learn how to follow rules at home and school

Gym Kids Handstand_edited.jpg

Recreational Classes

Gymnastics: Adult Classes


Students will acquire a wide range of gymnastics skills on all apparatus including Uneven Bars, Vault, Balance Beam, Tumble Track Trampoline., and our Sprung Floor. We teach correct techniques in a fun environment. From Handstands, Cartwheels, and Forward and Backward Walkovers, we ensure that every child progresses. Recreational students also have the opportunity to compete in our club competitions, in both Tumbling and Gymnastics


These classes are by invitation for students that are competent in  regular recreational class content, and are ready for more advanced skills.

INTERMEDIATE EXCEL students, are also eligible to compete in the Australian Level 2 Program, in our own club and external competitions.

INTERMEDIATE /SENIOR EXTENSION students who are most competent and enjoy the recreational stream, have additional time added to their regular class, to experience more advanced skills.

Pre competitive Teams


By invitation

Ages 6 +

1 hour 15 minutes 

These classes are for gymnasts who have the required skills to move on from the recreational classes and are ready to commit to more intensive training, leading into our pathway to competitive gymnastics. For new students wanting to trial for this class, please contact us at

Advanced Competitive Teams

Gymnastics: Adult Classes
young-gymnast-girl-performing-jump-back-handspring-picture-id504286015 (1).jpg


By invitation

Ages 6 +

2+ hours 

 Following the Australian Level Program (ALP) Gymnasts in our Competitive Level Teams train for a series of Competitions at various venues around Hong Kong, including Flipping Kids.

These intensive classes focus on conditioning, flexibility, strength and poise, whilst learning compulsory routines following the Australian Level Program (ALP) Gymnasts will work on technique across all apparatus, whilst fostering positive attitudes, setting long term goals, striving to be their best, and making friendships in a supportive team environment. 

The Level classes are an annual Cycle, from August to June.

Gymnasts who can complete all the skills at the end of the year will have the opportunity to  move up to the next level.

Gymnasts are required to attend Competitions in these classes.


This class is designed as an additional class for Level 5 and 6 gymnasts training specific uneven bar skills.

The skills for these levels are advanced, therefore requiring extra time and conditioning to master competently.

Tumbling Classes

Tumbling is a discipline in which acrobatic movements, such as rolls, twists, cartwheels, handsprings and somersaults are performed on floor and tumble track trampoline.

Gymnastics: Adult Classes

Pre advanced Tumbling sessions

Ages 7+
1 hour 15 mins

Requirements: By Coach referral, or assessment

These intensive sessions focus on consecutive tumbling, roundoff backhandsprings,

and front somersaults.

This class will greatly benefit Level 3,4,5 gymnasts 

Advanced Tumbling

Ages 8+
1.5 hour

This class is for students who have mastered a back handspring, and ready to progress to more difficult tumbling skills.
This class will greatly benefit Level 5, 6 and 7 gymnasts 

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