Kindy Gym


Open Play Gym

Ages 18 months - 5 years 
50 minutes (TBC)

Non structured gym play time for kids and guardians , using all our Gymnastic equipment, including soft play obstacles, bars to swing on, tumble trampoline and foam pit.

Tiny Tots / Adult assisted

Ages 2-3 years 
45 minutes

Does your child like to climb on the furniture? They will love this class which introduces gymnastic skills, coordination, gross motor and classroom skills.

Gym Tots

Ages 4-5 years 
45 mins

This is our first Kindy gym class, with no adult assistance required. Children will learn to roll, balance, swing, jump, and land on all apparatus while having fun.

Recreational Classes

Challenge Yourself

Children will acquire a wide range of gymnastics skills, learning correct technique in a fun environment. From Handstands, Cartwheels and Walkovers we ensure that every child progresses.


Junior Beginner

5-7 years

1 hour

Junior Level 1 ( 1 year + experience )

5-7 years

1 hour 

Intermediate Beginner

8-10 years

1 hour 

Intermediate Level 2 ( 2 +years experience ) 

8-10 years

1 hour 


11 years and over

1 hour 

Open Gym

Ages 8 +

1 hour (TBC)

Advanced/Competitive Teams

young-gymnast-girl-performing-jump-back-handspring-picture-id504286015 (1).jpg

Pre Team

By invitation

Ages 6 +

1 hour 15 minutes 

This class is for gymnasts who have the required skills to move on from the recreational classes and are ready to commit to more intensive training, leading into our pathway to competitive gymnastics.
We offer these classes 3 times per week, and students may attend as many as they choose .
BEGINNER TUMBLING classes ( Sunday ) will also greatly benefit PRE TEAM students.
For new students wanting to trial for this class, please contact us at

Competitive Teams

By invitation

Ages 6 +

2+ hours 

Following the Australian Level Program (ALP)

These intensive classes focus on conditioning, flexibility, strength and poise, whilst learning compulsory routines following the Australian Level Program (ALP) Gymnasts will work on technique across all apparatus, whilst fostering positive attitudes, setting long term goals, striving to be their best, and making friendships in a supportive team environment. 

LEVEL 3: Classes are offered twice per week. 

LEVEL 4 : Classes are offered twice per week.

To be competent on all apparatus Level 4 students are recommended to attend both sessions

Alternatively or additionally attending BEGINNER TUMBLING (Sunday) or ADVANCED TUMBLING  (Saturday) will also greatly benefit Level 3 and Level 4 students.

LEVEL 5 and LEVEL 6+: Classes offered 3 times per week.

To master the skills and progress in these higher Levels, students should attend

classes at least twice per week.

Alternatively or additionally we encourage students to attend the ADVANCED TUMBLING CLASS


LEVEL 6 +: For students that would like to train and choreograph individual optional routines, please attend OPTIONALS (Saturday) 

Tumbling Classes


Tumbling is a discipline in which acrobatic movements , such as rolls, twists, cartwheels, handsprings and somersaults are performed on floor and tumble track trampoline.


Advanced Tumblers

Ages 7 +
1.5 hour

This class is for students who have mastered a back handspring, and ready to progress to more difficult tumbling skills.
This class will also greatly benefit Level 4,5 and Level 6+students.