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Policies and Information




We follow the ESF school time table 


Autumn Term 1 - August 22nd to October 15th 2022

Autumn Mid Term Break Camps : October 17th to October 22nd 

Autumn Term 2 -October 22nd to December 17th 2022

Christmas Break Camps: December 19th -January 6th

Winter Term  – January 7th to April 1st, 2023

Chinese New Year Camps: January 26th - January 27th

Easter Break Camps: April 3rd - April 15th

Spring Term – April 17th to Jun 30th, 2023

Summer Break Camps / Training programs: July 3rd - August 14th

Mid-Term Break

We offer both morning and afternoon camps.

 ( With or without lunch by Oolaa)


Holiday programs and continued training will run throughout the Mid-term, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter and Summer breaks.

Trial Lessons 

We offer trial lessons before committing to the full term. 

Please register " Trial lesson" on the Portal. 

Please note full-term bookings take priority over trial bookings.  Should the class that you are booked in becomes full, your trial will be cancelled and we will notify you. 


Fees are non-refundable once the applicant is accepted into the class.

( with the exception of COVID)

If classes are unable to operate as usual due to COVID we will offer an alternative venue/ option to make up the lessons.

If circumstances prevent your child from attending these lesson options, we will refund the Term fees.


If classes are unable to operate as usual due to unforeseen circumstances we will offer an alternative option to make up the lesson.

Apologies, we cannot offer refunds or credit for missed classes of your own choosing.


A credit letter will be issued and can be used in the next term only if a

  • Class or the term is suspended by the Club  due to: 

  1. Unforeseeable circumstances (COVID-19);

  2. The student is sick or injured for longer than 3 weeks(with a medical certificate). 

Make-up Class 

Students may have a maximum of 1 make-up class per term, within the same Term, and providing previous communication of absence is at least 3 hours before class starting time.

The make-up class must be scheduled by appointment on an availability basis only.

 We cannot guarantee makeup lessons, as alternative classes may already have the maximum numbers. 

We apologise we cannot give extra makeup lessons for differing school schedules and government regulations


If student(s) join more than one class per week, they are eligible for a 10% discount for the second and subsequent classes, providing fees are paid before the deadlines. 

For families with 3 or more children enrolling in classes at the same time, we also offer a 10% discount for the third sibling with the lowest fee.


  • If typhoon signal no. 1 or 3; Amber/Red rainstorm warnings is hoisted: Classes will be on as usual. 

  • If the Observatory announces typhoon signal no. 8,or  Black Rainstorm Signal  the classes will be cancelled, and rescheduled to a set date. (Please note in this situation, as our classes are full, we can only offer this given date). Thank you for understanding

  • If the Observatory lowers the typhoon signal No. 8 two hours before class, classes will be on as usual. 

  •  If the Black Rainstorm Signal is cancelled two hours before class, classes will be on as usual. 

Terms & Conditions 

  • You may enrol and reserve your chosen classes and it will be on a first-come and first-served basis. Students must make full payment before class commencement.

  • Application is subject to be confirmed via email. 

  • Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances including absences due to sickness or average to poor weather conditions. 

  • Submission of this application confirms the acceptance of all terms and conditions stated on enrolment terms. 

  • Priority bookings for the following terms are available to enrolled gymnasts before they open to the general public.  Priority bookings are not available if there are any overdue fees on the gymnast's account. 

  • If you wish to secure your place, payment is required in advance for the time you are not attending, in line with the due date. 

  • Flipping Kids Terms and Conditions Waiver form must be signed and returned before participating in any activities. 

Parking and Drop Off 

There is a pickup/drop-off area, and Customer parking underneath Savannah Place, or alternatively there is an open air carpark nearby.

Viewing Area

The viewing area is for Adults 16+. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


All students must follow the class instruction, and be respectful to classmates and Coaches.

Students that are disruptive will be asked to sit out for the remainder of the class.

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